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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sometimes Bowling Balls Do Magical Things

BOWLING. Josh Scanlon rolls two strikes in the 10th frame during the Team USA trials. Then the ball comically slips out of his hands on his third shot. The ball takes it from there.


And...bowling. Bowling.

Moving on. Tomorrow: Luke O'Brien substitutes for Brian Hickey during the Wild Card weekend. You may remember Luke as our World Cup correspondent who once kind of had a handsy make-out session with Landon Donovan's wife. Here's an excerpt:

It's kind of sad, I realize, that I remember this so poignantly. But you can't control what sticks. Bianca will surely have deleted me from her cortex, and who can blame her? She might even sue if I go into too much detail. She might deny tugging on the Eddie Bauer gray and pulling me on the dance floor, pulling me close, legs tight, the booze setting in, all that getting-to-know-you stuff over with. She might deny running her hand down my flank, and she might deny that my hand cradled her lovely Slovak bottom. She might tell you that she didn't nuzzle my neck or throw me a scent of her perfumed hair. Or that we didn't do that thing you do when you're drunk and dancing and want to kiss but don't want to kiss in front of a crowd and just slowly rub noses and brush lips. But this all happened, by god. And she liked it.



Anyway, keep him occupied and shower him with effusive praise. That's what I have to say about that.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Bowling.

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