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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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One of our favorite innovations on this here Internets is the ability to track flights online using their flight or tail number. We've never been on a flight that has Web access, but if we ever do, we're gonna track ourselves, because if the flight crashes, we'll want to be the first ones on the plane to know.


Anyway, a little trend has popped up among fan message boards of teams who are interviewing new coaches (or in fear of losing their own): They're tracking flights they think might be shuttling candidates for interviews. This one supposedly took Bob Huggins from Little Manhattan to West Virginia to talk about the West Virginia opening. We're not sure this is true — Morgantown has an airport, right? — but we love the concept. And, you know, reports are saying he's hired anyway. With the Houston Nutt business and now this, we are officially that much closer to being able to follow our coaches' movements 365 days a year. It's fun!

Flight N36579 [Flightaware]

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