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Sooner Schooner Accident Briefly Delays West Virginia-Oklahoma

Oklahoma had a little extra time to marinate in Jalen Hurts’s two-yard touchdown run that put the team up three scores on West Virginia. An accident from the Sooner Schooner, a covered wagon pulled by two white horses that serves as the school’s mascot, created a couple of big divots in the field that had to be quickly patched up before the game could resume. The turn made on the ride to celebrate Oklahoma’s fourth touchdown proved to be too sharp for the wagon, and flung off the two passengers. While the impact might make you wince, Gus Johnson’s commentary makes the whole situation a more palatable.

Reports from the game seem to indicate that everyone involved, including the horses, were okay. For those wondering, this is how the ride is supposed to look like from a first-person perspective:

Hopefully the wagon had good insurance.

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