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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sophia Loren Antes Up A Couple Of Years Late

Illustration for article titled Sophia Loren Antes Up A Couple Of Years Late

We are no strangers here to certain women who promise to remove certain clothing items if other certain things happen in the world of sports. Anyone who followed the SHOTY competition knows exactly what we mean. We get our hopes up and what happens? Heartache, nothing but heartache!


But now comes an offer that excites us greatly ... or would, if we were William Holden. We're not William Holden, are we?

A striptease by 72-year-old actress Sofia Loren could be one of the more outrageous ways that Napoli fans will celebrate if the team are promoted to the Italian top flight this season. Loren, a movie sex siren from the 1950s and 1960s, is a big fan of the Naples club who have fallen on hard times since winning their first Italian championship 20 years ago. "I hope that Napoli win these last few games. You watch if we go up I will do a striptease," she told Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview Tuesday. "The fans have a total passion, the city deserves promotion."


Ms. Loren, you're 72 ... how about a nice baked noodle casserole? We'd give our all for that. Then again, these are Italian soccer players we're dealing with. Never mind; on with the stripping.

We are making a similar offer to the owners of the St. Louis Cardinals, by the way.

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