Sorry, But You Can't Wear Your Pats Jersey To The Aaron Hernandez Trial

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Bad news for all you Patriots fans out there who were thinking, "I would like to attend the Aaron Hernandez murder trial and also let everyone know that I am a big shithead," because the judge presiding over the trial has issued a ban on all NFL-related gear inside the courtroom.

On Friday, Judge Susan E. Garsh issued the following court order:

"No person wearing clothing, or a button or other object attached to clothing, or carrying an object that displays any Patriots or other NFL team logo, football-related insignia, or words and/or a photograph that relate in any way to this case will be permitted entry to the Fall River Justice Center during any phase of the trial."


But hey, she didn't say anything about hanging out the parking lot. That tailgate you've been planning is still on!

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