Sorry: More On Livingston's Knee Injury

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First off, in no way are we dismissing the severity of Shaun Livingston's devastating knee injury from Monday. We simply can't imagine going through that ... we got queasy watching Marcia Brady getting hit in the nose by the football. But that being said, there is no denying that Livingston's knee now looks exactly like E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial. Check out YAY Sports for the some pretty conclusive photographic evidence.


And speaking of Livingston, the blog Bear Meat asks the musical question: Is that Gatorade commercial cursed?

To celebrate this streak, we present the most cursed sports commercial of all time. While it is perhaps the funniest NBA ad we've ever seen, it is uncanny that one week following its airing the offensive player, D-Wade, and the defensive player, Shaun Livingston, both came down with season-ending injuries. Gatorade. Is it in you?

The truth is out there, people.

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