Sorry, Sorry, It's The Election Deadcast

Oh we’re having fun for sure.
Oh we’re having fun for sure.
Photo: Wilfredo Lee-Pool (Getty Images)

First things first: yes, the Live Deadcast at Headquarters Beercade in Nashville next Monday is indeed happening on the day before election day. Yes, many or most or nearly all of us will be somewhat stressed out as a result of this. And yes, while we’re doing this, pledges made in blog posts are worth nothing at all. And still I pledge: When we do our live Deadcast from Nashville next Monday, which was mentioned earlier in this post, we will absolutely not discuss any election-related shit. You are absolutely welcome to come up to us after we record the podcast—starts at 6:15, done in time for Monday night’s kickoff—and yell at us about whatever you want, up to and including turnout and messaging and kindly, ineffectual old Phil Bredesen. But if you want to hear us get stressed out and rationalize in real time about the upcoming election and the challenges of democracy in 2018 and the broader Shitworld Experience—we put special emphasis on the amazing and amazingly online SureFire Security story, which is pure Burn After Reading cosplay—you are just going to have to listen to this:

There is of course other stuff in there, thankfully. For instance, a vigorous and in-depth conversation about Halloween, a holiday that as you listen to this has already happened. There is also a brief assessment of my beautiful stupid Mets hiring CAA agent Brodie Van Wagenen as their general manager, which mostly involves me continuing to talk myself into him while Drew calls him Baron Von Klitzburg. The Funbag, too, yawns hideously open, beckoning us to consider its dark contents—bizarre state mottos, the most coffee-saturated professions, the listless and curdled 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars, and more.


The world we live in will not be much better next week, when we (ahem) do our live Deadcast/watch party at Headquarters Beercade in Nashville on Monday night. But we will only talk about the good stuff, by which I guess I mean Tee Martin and various types of regional spicy chicken specialties. For now, though, consider yourself covered on The Bad Stuff.

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