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Source: Someone Tried To Sell A Dallas TV Station A Josh Hamilton Sex Tape From The Night Of His Relapse

Someone is shopping a videotape allegedly showing Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, on the night of his recent relapse, having sex in the bathroom of Sherlock's, a Dallas bar. A local television station was offered the tape for $41,000, an employee at the station tells us. The station declined, and we're told no one there actually watched the tape.

According to our source, reporters from the station met with employees and customers at Sherlock's the day after news of Hamilton's relapse broke. Eyewitnesses reported seeing Hamilton go into the restroom with a woman while an employee of the restaurant blocked the entrance, according to the TV station's employee. Some customers were able to peek into the bathroom. Our source says anywhere from six to 10 people at the pub saw Hamilton enter the restroom.


One eyewitness approached our source and told him he had a seven-second clip from his phone that showed Hamilton having sex in the stall of the men's bathroom. The station immediately refused.

A few minutes later, another person who claimed to have pictures of the incident tried to sell those to the station for $10,000.

"Had we been interested," the TV station employee says, "I'm sure they would have given us some watermarked photos or something from the video."

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