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Sources Say Reggie Bush Turning Pro

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The Los Angeles Daily News is reporting that Reggie Bush will turn pro and is already being advised by Mike Ornstein of Reebok, who also used to work for the Raiders. When pressed to reveal their sources, the Daily News identified them as "pretty much anyone who watches any football whatsoever."

Seriously, was this some kind of a secret? Wait, hang on one second. I'm getting a phone call from those same sources. They're telling me that AJ Hawk, Ohio State linebacker, needs a haircut. These guys are on top of things.


Everyone agrees that Bush would be the #1 overall pick, should he leave early. The Houston Texans appear to be throwing games so they can put him in a Texans jersey next year. If Reggie Bush didn't forego his final year of eligibility, it would be a major upset. Of course, his advisor was once affiliated with the Raiders, which makes it fair to question his decision-making ability, so who knows?

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