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South Carolina: Still Rebelling

You probably thought everyone down in South Carolina gave up on that Confederate flag controversy years ago,'re wrong! They still fly it proudly no matter how many NCAA tournament games don't get played there.

A column in today's The State, Columbia's local newspaper, reminds South Carolinians that the NCAA continues to enforce its boycott of the entire Palmetto State due to their adorable insistence on flying the Confederate flag on the grounds of the state captiol. While cities like Boise and Dayton reap incredible monetary benefits—and some sweet p.r.—every time Greg Gumbel announces that he's sending viewers out to those humble northern towns, USC's state of the art 18,000-seat basketball arena sits empty. And the author of the piece, Ron Morris, is not afraid to tell his fellow citizens that, well ... they really are being dumb about the whole thing:

I understand fully that hosting such an event means dreaming big. It is progressive thinking in a state where progress is usually measured by whether we move up to 48th nationally in public school education or by the fact we moved the Confederate flag from atop the State House to - celebrate! - the State House grounds.

In the end, it is a sad statement that the state of South Carolina and the city of Columbia cannot host an NCAA basketball tournament because it cares more about recognizing its racist past than its prosperous future.

Maybe some day ...

Morris: Rebel flag costs S.C. at tourney time [The State]

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Well, that was an interesting day. Only one more until the basketball zombies come to take us away again. I hope A.J. makes it back from whatever wacky wilderness adventure he's got himself into this time. It's always something with that guy!


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