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Yesterday, female Rays fans garnered national attention for their fan solidarity through a Rayhawk bikini wax, but Red Sox fans, undaunted by the plucky gesture, are planning a pubic counterstrike. Bugs and Cranks picked up a Boston Craig's List ad which reveals the plan of attack:

Red Sox ladies need to step up to the plate and go bald to show these dumb bitches what real fans are all about! How ’bout it girls? Ready to go bare for the Sox?


I'm still waiting for the National League version of this. If you have any suggestions as to what the female fans of the Dodgers and Phillies could do to themselves to keep up with the enthusiasm of their American League counterparts, please leave them in the comments section. This is not a topic for Waxing Off. Boston Craig's List Urges Sox Women to Go Bare [Bugs and Cranks]

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