You're Not A True Fan Until You're Willing To Get A Bikini Wax For Your Team

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This Tampa Bay mohawk craze was good clean fun at first, but you knew it wasn't going to just end with guys shaving their heads. The women were feeling left out, so now they're getting mohawks of their own ... um, down there. Yes, it's the Rayhawk bikini wax, and the gals are lining up for 'em. Hey, gotta support the team.

Michelle Foster of Skin Deep Spatique in St. Petersburg says she was inspired by her son's Mohawk, "I stopped and thought about it a minute, and thought, well now everyone can have one!" But, it's not exactly pain-friendly. Team pride comes with a little sacrifice. Women wince. They cry. They even scream. It's a bit of a shock to the system as hot wax is spread onto the skin with a spatula, while an aesthetician stands by with a white piece of cloth, ready to rip off the wax. When all is said and done, women are left with a female Rayhawk.

Michelle says she's getting tons of requests for the $30 procedure, and is often asked to dye the Rayhawk, which she declines. Her area of expertise is skincare, she says, not hair-coloring. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, here you go. The Rayhawk craze all began when a few of the players started showing up with them, with the look quickly spreading to the fans. But leave it to the fine folks of the Florida public school system to spoil all the fun. Ellenton seventh-grader Zachary Sharples showed up to Lincoln Middle School with a Rayhawk, and was promptly suspended, being told that he violated the dress code. Now he has to shave his head completely or serve an in-school suspension every day. If the Rays fail to make the World Series, we blame you, Lincoln Middle School. You know who else weren't allowed to wear Mohawks? The Nazis. That's who. UPDATE: Bugs and Cranks may have found the origin of the "Mohawk to the South" idea. Want A Rayhawk Bikini Wax? [Tampabays10] Female Rays Fans Getting Mohawks Too ... Down There [Deuce Of Davenport] Young Rays Fan Pays Price For Mohawk Haircut [St. Petersburg Times]