Yeah, that has to suck.

Spain aren’t going out of this World Cup because of keeper Ainhoa Tirapu’s questionable positioning here, which lead to an errant South Korean cross floating over Tirapu’s fingertips and hitting the net, giving the Taegeuk Nangja the 2-1 advantage that carried them into the knockout rounds. No, the larger fault lies with their eminently Spanish tendency in each of their three matches to dominate possession, combine well all over the pitch, and create chance after chance that the attacking players repeatedly spurned.

Still, you can tell from Tirapu’s body language as she buries her face into her gloves, no doubt wishing she could whip out an invisibility cloak and slip out of the arena unnoticed that she feels responsible. Soo-yun Kim couldn’t have meant that as a shot, and Tirapu in no way should’ve been concerned about being beaten from that distance, but alas. We feel for you.

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