Unless Marchamalo player Mario’s languid dribbling style here is literally hypnotizing, then this barely impeded run of his through the entirety of Toledo B’s half en route to goal might be some pretty strong evidence of match-fixing.

Indeed, that is the interpretation of officials in Spain’s professional leagues, and according to AS they’re looking into opening an investigation into the potential funny business. The match was played in Spain’s fourth division, which isn’t pro, but the egregiousness of it has apparently inspired those in charge of the pro leagues to get to the bottom of it.

The Marchamalo coach, however, seems to think the skepticism here is unfounded. If you’re being critical of Mario’s dribbling “skills,” he thinks you should also look into Saúl Ñíguez’s run and goal against Bayern Munich earlier this week:

There will always be assholes who say that Bayern’s defenders allowed Saúl to get past them Mario-style.


Those assholes. Always doubting everything.