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We don't mean to be scolding moralists here, but we're pretty sure this is an excellent way to get sent to Hell.

Keith Wallace is trying to think the best of the thief who pried open the door and broke into his car Sunday afternoon. He's choosing to believe the intruder โ€” who struck while Wallace was watching the Bears โ€” was after the leather jacket, cell phone and wireless microphone that were taken from his Chevrolet Blazer. Because he can't imagine what a thief would want with the 15 Special Olympics uniforms also taken from Wallace's SUV, parked outside his home in the 14400 block of Sanderson Avenue in Dolton.

Wallace, the 29-year-old superintendent of the Lincoln-Way Special Recreation Association, said he hasn't had the heart to tell the Junior Knights basketball team their red-and-white uniforms are gone.


Yes. Stealing basketball uniforms from Down's Syndrome kids four days before Christmas. To be fair, the intruder probably wasn't aware they were Special Olympics uniforms, unless they have some special insignia or something. But we are not the least bit surprised the robbery took place while the victim was watching a Bears game; honestly, you could impale a Bears fan with a tuning fork during one of their games, and they'd absolutely not notice.

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