Speedy Rugby Guy Does Cool Football Play

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Photo: Adrian Kraus (AP)

The Buffalo Bills are taking a shot on a British rugby player this preseason, and with the very first touch of his first-ever gridiron football exhibition game, Christian Wade looked like he belonged more than anyone else on that pitch—er, field.

The former Wasps wing player—that’s in Coventry—decided he wanted to leave for the NFL in late 2018. He was allocated to the Bills as a likely running back in April via the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program. He stands just 5-foot-8, but he resembles a rugby version of Barry Sanders in more ways than just his diminutive height. Check out his old highlights:

This one in particular I can’t stop watching.


Wade had exactly one carry in Thursday’s game against the Colts, but he made it count. With one cut on a simple fourth-quarter counter play, Wade took off for a 65-yard score that proves he is just as fast in a helmet as he is without one. I know, I know: It’s only preseason. But this has to be a thrill for the 28-year-old NFL hopeful.


Plus, you get one more point for doing that in football than you get in rugby. What a great sport!