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We all know it's not particularly difficult to get tickets to "Quite Frankly" tapings — a guy we know in New York for the summer has gone three times already, and he's been here, like, a month; we have no idea why he keeps putting himself through this — but that doesn't mean a meet-and-greet with Stephen A. Smith shouldn't be a special occasion anyway.

You have but 10 hours to bid on a visit with Stephen A. and Brandon Tierney in November at the ESPN Zone. The proceeds go to The Jimmy V Foundation, which is good, because donating the money to a good cause is really the only reason anyone would spend it here. But not only do you get to shake Stephen A.'s hand; you also get tickets to a taping — which you can get for free in Penn Station this exact second — lunch for two at the ESPN Zone and two tickets to something called the "First Annual NY Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony."

Three bids already. Up to $581. Yep.

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