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Sport We Don't Understand No. 86: Mountaineering

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Whenever someone asks us why we have never climbed Mount Everest, we always reply: too crowded. Seems these days as if the last mile to the summit is like a noontime line at Starbucks. But at least we figured that if we ever encountered trouble, there would be plenty of people around to help us out.

Well, we would be wrong. Earlier this month, David Sharp, 34, died while descending from the summit during a solo climb, apparently from oxygen defiency, as no less than 40 other climbers passed by without offering assistance. Now, that is cold. Even when Homer passed out halfway up the Muderhorn in that Simpsons episode, sherpas lugged him to the top.


Edmund Hillary Blasts Everest Climbers Who Left Dying Man [Fox Sports]

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