Sports Bloggers Are Smarter, Pastier Than You Thought

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Ballhype, the site that does the bewildering blog rankings that everyone has figured out how to rig, has commissioned a "study" of the lifestyles and trends among sports bloggers. The results will SHOCK YOU.

Prepare ... for a demographic breakdown!

By any standard, the sports bloggers who responded to our survey are very well educated, with 56% having at least one college degree and another 26% boasting graduate diplomas. Among all bloggers, the percentage with college degrees is 37%, and among all American adults, it drops to 27% (Pew Internet and American Life Project). And in contrast to some of the stereotypes floating around, most are either employed or full-time students.

75% are employed, 18% are full-time students, and 6% are unemployed. 85% own or rent, and only 10% live rent-free.


Also, 37 percent said their bosses don't know about their sites. So shhh: Let's keep this between us.

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