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Remember the sports fan lobbying group that you're supposed to love and/or be scared of? It really exists now. So feel free to panic and/or stick it to the man.


The Sports Fans Coalition has an actual working website now and in this day and age that make you legit. The have a blog and everything. Their stated agenda is spelled out, there's a few snazzy pictures, and links to tales of sports fan woe. (Dave Zirin, the author of this recent L.A. Times op-ed about the foolishness of a new Los Angeles football stadium, is on the SFC board of directors.) You can even join the group yourself, if you like—with or without donating your hard-earned money to them. That makes it easier to keep an eye on their dastardly plans.

Some people are still saying that they're in the pocket of satellite companies, but we'll reserve our judgment for now because Comcast sucks. We'll just keep an eye on them ourselves and see if they can actually accomplish what they set out to do—or decide to take a lot of Congresspeople out to lunch and sell you out. As long as I get my Soviet Socialist health care, I'm happy.

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