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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

There's been little or no compelling Sports Fella/WWL melodrama in recent weeks, but yesterday, thankfully, Simmons is back to using his podcast to undermine his employer once again.

Simmons, while doing the requisite pithy pre-interview banter with "The Soup's" skinny-tied host Joel Mchale took the opportunity to not-so-subtly bash ESPN for inability to laugh at itself. To the podcast!:

"So let's talk some more about working for a network that has a sense of humor about it self. There's people on your network, that aren't related to you, that have become kind of self-parodies in a way. You are allowed to make fun of those people in a good-natured way..."


Usual pouting ensues, but he quickly moves past it and talks about The Soup instead, lest the Simmons Alarm is sounded in Bristol and Norby flies over to LA to whip the Sports Fella's back with a bamboo cane for insubordination. It's amazing how indignant he becomes over not being allowed to rip on Leatherheads for 20 minutes each week.

But doesn't mentioning the fact that your employer doesn't have a sense of humor about itself count as making fun of it in a "good-natured way."

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