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Sportswriters Struggle With Turns Of Phrase For Franklin Gutierrez's Spastic Pooping

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At least Franklin Gutierrez now knows what caused all of his stomach problems for nearly a full year. Gutierrez visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota earlier this week, where he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome as the cause of his stomach issues that first popped up last summer.


"It's basically a confirmation of what our guys here thought he had and now it is matter of treatment," said Eric Wedge.

"The first step will be one, lets hope this initial treatment does work. It is not just a clear cut treatment, everyone's chemical balance is different obviously so it is dependent on that."


Gutierrez missed a chunk of Spring Training and has been on the 15-day disabled list with stomach gastritis. He missed all but six spring training games, and has lost weight, stamina and time to his condition. Gutierrez was scratched on March 17 after his stomach discomfort flared up. Gutierrez said he was ready to join his team for pre game work and that has put on additional pounds in the last week. Being able to eat is key for him and although he has only just started treatment he said he does feel better and his goal is to wipe out the bad days.

One of the biggest things for Gutierrez is the relief that comes with the firm diagnosis. He sat at his locker before the Mariners' game against Oakland and had a look of relief mixed with the lingering frustration that comes with being kept off the field.

(Nearly one in five American adults has irritable bowel syndrome. In most cases, the disease can be managed with treatment.)

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