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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Accountability. That's what the internet provides when it allows the general manager of a baseball team to take questions directly from fans—a great community building exercise that can only foster better communication.

Just ask Cardinals GM John Mozeliak, who isn't afraid to face tough inquiries ... and give tough answers, like he did in today's chat on St. Louis Today:

I Hate Bill Dewitt!!: Mo,

Please describe what it's like living in your little land of make believe where you honestly believe that Cardinal fans should be excited about this team. If you wouldn't mind, go into details, about how in MO's world people are celebrating are three horrible new lefty relievers, and the signing of our awesome new .213 hitting shortstop.

John Mozeliak: First I rather live in my world then is sunny out today??? No you're right it is 30 something degrees, my girl friend dumped me, and my car won't start.

First, it is not we stink (unless you ask yourself these questions in the mirror) and we make decisions based on scouts, stats, and other information. If we thought Greene was going to hit .213 we would not, I repeat, not make the deal.

Go back to your world and I hope by mid summer you're ready to come out for air.

Finally! Some constructive dialogue people team and boosters. And kudos to John for not ducking out of the way of the high, hard ones. Any other serious questions?

allang: Can you please use the phrase "low hanging fruit" at some point in this session so the whiners can have something to cry about this afternoon?

John Mozeliak: That is funny, perhaps instead of low hanging fruit...for the rest of the off-season I will try to boil the ocean.


Well, that's more of a request than a question. (And a non-sensical one at that.) Anyone else?

Lscham: Looking forward to the new season. Now that you have one season under your belt as GM, has any of your philosophies changed regarding growing a team?

Keep up the good work. I believe your "waiting strategy" is a good one and will pay dividends

John Mozeliak: Not really, I do think when you go through this you do have more appreciation for the position. Overall though I believe in the direction we are going.

Hmmm... I think that guy was maybe a bit sarcastic. Last one:

I Hate Bill Dewitt!!: Hey Johnny-

After this are you going to go into the yahoo teen chat room, and talk about designer clothes, and playing spin the bottle. GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE LOSER!!!! Other G.M's are working on deals, don't you get it!!

John Mozeliak: Clever, and with that I will sign off big guy.

Sir, you already had your turn. But I hope that means we'll see you at the park in '09! Should be a fun time for all.


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