The makeshift single-car garage you see above is apparently the handiwork of some St. Louis Rams players, who decided to prank a couple of their teammates. Looks like their pranking ability is a lot like their team: pretty mediocre.

We'll let our tipster Jamie tell you what's going on here:

I work right across the street from the Rams practice facility, so coming in this morning I noticed that there were three garages built in the open field directly across the street from their facility.

I thought they were dog houses, cause they had defensive backs names on them. Judging by their play yesterday, that made sense. The two I could read said McLeod and Jenkins.

I ran over and took these pictures at lunch, but the names were removed already. As I was leaving the lot, security stopped me and told me it was a joke by rams players on the guys and they stole and parked their cars over there. He also assured me that they would be removed today and apologized for the inconvenience, which was strange.

Here are the other photos of the incident:


No word yet if any cafeteria trays were thrown in response to the hazing.

h/t Jamie