Stan Van Gundy Shows Us How Much It Hurts To Coach Josh Smith

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One of the many problems Stan Van Gundy faced when he took over the Detroit Pistons was Josh Smith's dreadful three-point shooting. He shot 265 threes last season and only hit 26 percent of them, but Stan Van has managed to put the straps on him a bit this year. Smith's shot just 30 threes so far (he's hit only eight of them), but that doesn't mean he's not capable of shivving his coach in the pancreas every now and then.

This is how last night's game between the Thunder and Pistons ended. Down two with about 10 seconds left to play, Brandon Jennings grabbed a defensive rebound and went streaking up the court. Everything looked good as he zipped into the lane—he's going to lay that in! No, wait, he's kicking out to the open man! Oh God no, that's Josh Smith! Nooooooooo!


Please look at Stan Van Gundy's face after he watched Smith's shot clang off the rim like a cue ball:


That's probably my favorite Stan Face since the one he put on after LeBron James did this to him.