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Stanford is often lauded for graduating their players, and rightly so. But their record is a little less impressive after today's story in the Stanford Daily, which reveals that a semi-secret list of "easy classes" has been distributed to student-athletes for at least a decade. And there are some good ones.

You can view the list here: some 40 courses with names like "Beginning Improvising" and "Sleep and Dreams." This leads to what one soccer player described as classes "always chock-full of athletes and very easy As." Officially titled "Courses of Interest," the list is produced by the Athletic Academic Resource Center, and has been handed out to athletes, if not under the table, then not exactly publicly.


One professor who requested her class be taken off the list was told by school officials that it didn't exist.

And, when approached by the Stanford investigative journalism students reporting the story, the school promptly discontinued the list.

Course List Click to view

Stanford athletes had access to list of 'easy' classes [California Watch]

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