For a commercial that ultimately revolves around the selling of shoes and jerseys, there's a lot going on here: Marshawn Lynch, a wrecking ball, Troy Polamalu, a Larry Fitzgerald-branded sports car, Larry Fitzgerald, burning tires, Marshawn Lynch running, Darrelle Revis, a floating jet engine, an aflame (yet unconcerned) Calvin Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Alex Smith throwing a football into your face, an oil drum imploding from unseen forces (perhaps the vacuum of space), Darrelle Revis deflecting a pass, Larry Fitzgerald catching a different pass, Larry Fitzgerald dropping off your delivery of sod, the evacuation procedures for a major airliner, a hare, a tortoise, a three-man drum corps wearing Giants and Patriots jerseys, Calvin Johnson reading a bomb's countdown clock, LeSean McCoy busting through the wind tunnel, Troy Polamalu busting through the wrecking ball, and Mike Carey signaling a LeSean McCoy touchdown, all taking place inside the Brightly Lit Stadium Tunnel to Nowhere.

The commercial airs tonight after the Colts pick Andrew Luck. And the spot was actually directed by Mark Romanek, who did the music videos for "Closer" and "Hurt." Now it almost makes sense.