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Stephon, true to his word, bought a ticket and sat in the front row at the Knicks game last night. But he was asked to leave, because the ticket he bought wasn't for the front row. Nothing ever changes.

The once and future Knicks albatross showed up for New York's home opener followed through on a promise made on his bizarre Ustream. He plopped down in a courtside seat, whipped out his camera and started filming the game. That's when the person who actually bought that seat showed up.


Security told Marbury to move to his real seat, but rather then act like a normal human being and move, he up and left the arena.

I paid a lot of money for this seat, I don't want to leave," Marbury told one Garden security official during the confrontation. "But it's OK. I'll go."

So while he missed everything after the first quarter, it would have been familiar to Marbury: a furious Knicks rally brought them close, but they shit the bed when it counted.

Bizarre-Bury: Stephon Marbury Bolts Madison Square Garden In Seat Tiff [NY Daily News]

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