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Stars Score Own Goal On Delayed Penalty, Because It's Been That Kind Of Season

Just two teams have allowed more goals per game than the Dallas Stars, and while plays like this aren’t necessarily how they reached those rarified heights, it’s, uh, indicative.

(Since this is a rare occurrence—maybe once a year or so—it’s worth an explanation. When a team commits a penalty, play doesn’t stop until that team gains possession of the puck. So the other team pulls its goalie for an extra skater, and has man-advantage before the power play even formally starts.)


Jiri Hudler found the only potential downside to a delayed penalty, attempting to drop a pass back to his defensemen, only to slide the puck perfectly into his own net. Chris Kelly, who was the last Senator to touch the puck, was credited with the goal. Easiest he’ll ever score.

Ottawa won the game by a one-goal margin, of course. The Stars are 21-24-10, have lost four straight, and woof, this season has been a nightmare.

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