State Softball Title Game Ends On Walk-Off Inside-The-Park Strikeout

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This is one of the weirdest plays you're going to see for awhile.

Most of us dreamed once of winning a championship by crushing a walk-off homer, rounding the bases, and meeting our teammates at home plate to celebrate. That happened in the Montana AA state softball championship this weekend, except without the home run part. With the bases empty in the bottom of the seventh inning Billings West's Kendyl Boltz failed to make contact on strike three, but Missoula Big Sky's catcher couldn't field the ball. Boltz made way for first, then second, then third, and then home—thanks to three errors committed by Big Sky fielders.


So Boltz crossed home plate, scored (and, sort of, drove home) the state championship-winning run, and lived the dream we all had—just a bit differently. Fred McGriff and Tom Emanski were dispatched immediately to Missoula for an emergency fundamentals transplant.


h/t Vince