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Steeler Victory Parade Is Set ... No Guns, Knives, Nunchucks Please

Yeah, that Steelers victory parade that the city said it couldn't afford? It begins Tuesday at noon at Mellon Arena. [Business Times]

Love Hurts. Here is our own J-Money, who is not taking the Cardinal loss well at all. You know things are bad when the only way you can express your feelings is through a Nazareth song. Quote: "For the record I don't always look like a preteen boy." [YouTube]


Come On Pittsburgh, You're Barely Trying. "Police arrested more than 100 people for failing to disperse, at least one for arson, and two others for drunken driving. Couches and several garbage containers were set on fire." [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Commercial Appeal. The original kid from the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial gives his opinion on the new version that aired yesterday. [KDKA2]


The TV Ratings Are In ... and they're about 6 percent down from last year. That's what happens when you don't tell people there's going to be a porn clip. [The Live Feed]

Yeah, Yeah, Six Super Bowl Trophies. We Know. This is already getting tiresome, and it's only Monday. [RSW Blog]

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