Steelers 27, Jets 10: In Two GIFS

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The Steelers slowly bludgeoned the Jets. It was over well before, but Isaac Redman trucked what was either a terrible or exhausted defense in the fourth quarter and this one was never really in doubt. Mark Sanchez followed up his fine season opener in his usual characteristically inconsistent manner. And Ben Roethlisberger was characteristically impossible to take down.


Tim Tebow Is a Football Player: Most can agree that Tim Tebow is not a starting NFL quarterback. But, most can also agree that Tim Tebow is a football player. He did not see an offensive snap until the second half and was...let's call it ineffective, in personal punt protection.

The Game Ended On This Play: Antonio Cromartie played the part of viewing audience on this tip-toeing 37-yard touchdown to Mike Wallace in the third quarter that put the Steelers in cruise control for the rest of the game.