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Steelers Going With Tomlin

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that the Steelers have chosen Mike Tomlin to be their next head coach. The Steelers, according to the report, told Tomlin he was their choice, are negotiating with him right now, and have informed Russ Grimm of their decision, too.

Evidently, they were waiting to see what happened with the Bears/Saints game, just so they could confirm that a black coach could indeed get to the Super Bowl.


I think what happened is that the NFL actually wanted them to wait before making their decision known so it wouldn't steal any thunder from Championship Sunday, but it leaked out anyway... hence all the denials and curveballs and such.

I hope this report is right, but I'm going to be honest with you... I just don't care anymore. Mike Tomlin, Russ Grimm... if they hired Lily Tomlin or Joe Jacoby later today, I wouldn't tell you about it, because I think we've all had just about enough Steelers coaching news.

Steelers pick Tomlin as head coach [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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