Mike Tomlin's sideline dance in front of Ravens returner Jacoby Jones could end up hurting the Steelers in more than a fine.

Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reports that the NFL could not only fine Tomlin and the team, but possibly take away one of the Steelers' draft picks. The league clearly doesn't want anyone else to think about pulling this shit again.

The most recent case similar to Tomlin's act happened a few years ago. Remember Sal Alosi, the Jets' strength and conditioning coach? His trip of Dolphins player Nolan Carroll eventually led to his firing—along with a $25,000 fine—and a $100,000 fine for the Jets. There was no loss of draft pick, though. And Alosi actually tripped a player.

Obviously, Tomlin not making contact with Jones doesn't mean he wasn't trying, but loss of a draft pick seems excessive. Then again, Roger Goodell gets a boner for setting precedents and making statements with his punishments, so while that kind of ruling would be severe, it wouldn't be surprising.


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