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Steph Curry Spoke Too Soon

At the end of the third quarter of last night’s Celtics-Warriors game, Steph Curry did some very rude things to Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown. After shaking and faking Brown out of his airspace, Curry rose up for a buzzer-beating three that put the Warriors up 74-71. And then he got sassy, turning toward Brown, pointing, and talking some shit.

So what was all that about? Based on Curry’s reaction, it looked like he was rubbing Brown’s nose in some ill-advised yapping that perhaps took place before the shot, but after the game Brown insisted that he didn’t say a word to Curry. From Masslive:

“I didn’t say a word to him,” Brown said after Boston’s 99-86 win. “I promise I didn’t say a word to him. I was just out there playing D, doing my job. He looked at me and starting doing whatever. But, I mean, they needed that energy to get them going. I’m just glad we got the win tonight.”


Whatever instigated the incident, it was Curry who ended up looking a bit foolish at the end of the game. That shot was his last of the game, and he managed just one fourth-quarter field goal attempt against the Celtics’ stifling defense. The Warriors were outscored 27-12 in the final frame, and Boston came away with an impressive 99-86 win.

That was a nice shot, though.

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