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Illustration for article titled Stephen A. Smith Defends The Honor Of Co-Host And Alleged Farter Max Kellerman

Stephen A. Smith isn’t the prime suspect in the First Take Fart Mystery, but he’s still getting grilled for it. On Smith’s radio show Thursday, a caller started off with a comment about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but turned it into a thought on Max Kellerman’s allegedly stinky rear.

After cutting off the caller, Smith came to Kellerman’s defense, although he seemed tired of talking about it. “You’re an ignorant fool, you idiot,” he said. “I sit across from Max Kellerman. He did no such thing. That’s a flat-out lie and a bogus story.”


But the First Take co-host offered a little wiggle room that the gas was indeed passed by someone. “And oh by the way, that’s something that happens with human bodies. If Max Kellerman or myself were guilty of doing such a thing, why would I apologize?” Then, Stephen A. Smith made a fart noise with his mouth. “So be it. That’s exactly what I would do.”

If First Take is no longer known as “that loud debate show” and is henceforth referred to as “that show where someone farted,” it will be an improvement. The Fart Mystery has derailed everything. It’s tough to listen to carefully rehearsed shouting matches about LeBron’s legacy without remembering that time someone on the program sat on a duck. Anyway, here’s Stephen A. Smith making a fart noise with his mouth.

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