Stephen A. Smith Hangs Out With His Blogosphere Homies in Vegas

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Some of your favorite sports bloggers are in Las Vegas this weekend for something called BlogWorldExpo 2008. Very little sex shall be had at this event. Though, I'd keep a close eye on that Sussman kid; he's a wild one. Amazingly, Stephen A. Smith is also apparently taking part in this "conference". Will Brinson, of FanHouse fame, caught up with the aspiring blogger and asked him just what in the hell he was doing sharing the same oxygen with these basement-dwelling people.

He would not confirm that he was in Las Vegas with the purpose of promoting his blog, but let’s be serious, why else would such a master blogger grace Sin City with his presence this weekend? Also, I was going to follow him out of the airport but I didn’t want to permeate the typical blogger stereotype, especially after he’d been so friendly and quiet.

Friendly? Entirely possible. But SAS being quiet, even at the BlogWorldExpo? Surely you jest, Mr. Brinson. Here are three college football games to get you through the evening, should you be so inclined: (6) LSU vs (10) Auburn, Rice vs (7) Texas, Wake Forest (18) vs Florida State (24). Anyway, that's it for me today. I'm going out to grab a few refreshing drinks. See you tomorrow morning. Blog World Expo: Now Featuring Steven A. Smith? [Brahsome]