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Stephen A. Smith Has Manufactured Another Insane Feud With A Professional Athlete

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ESPN shit-for-brains Stephen A. Smith recently shared some, umm, thoughts (?) on his radio show about the new Nike NBA warmups, which come with comfy hoods. Certain players have taken to wearing the hoods during pregame warmups, and when sitting on the bench. Smith, in full-on psychotic raving mode, criticized the look, in a rant that was somehow interwoven with analysis of the Cavs roster.

I defy you to listen to this audio clip and not come away feeling like maybe the best thing would be if a giant cosmic monster came swimming out of deep space and just swallowed our solar system in one bite.

The insane comments—which are insane from start to finish, very much including the part about how Dwyane Wade can still ball (he cannot)—caught the attention of J.R. Smith, who responded with a series of tweets.


J.R. went on to wear the hoodie again in Cleveland’s game against the Pelicans Saturday. Stephen A. Smith, in traditional Stephen A. Smith fashion, backtracked not from his ridiculous comments about hoodies and Trayvon Martin, nor J.R. Smith and Dwyane Wade, but from anything that might upset the fucking brand involved:


Well, at least the advertisers were spared. J.R. told ESPN that Smith’s concerns with the hoodies are apparently manifold:

“It’s crazy because after our first game when we played Boston, I saw him in the tunnel and he said, ‘Be careful wearing your hoodie because people are going to mistake that for you not wanting to play because you’re not starting or you being frustrated,’” JR Smith said.

“I said, ‘OK, I can see that.’ But then you’re switching it up to say what you said [about Martin], it’s like, what are you talking about? It’s cool. I mean, I expect it. I should expect that at this point.”

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