OK, now we're not gonna get into politics this morning, but someone sent us this clip of Stephen A. Smith β€” listed as "Stephen Smith" β€” debating atheism on CNN. This isn't the first time he's debated non-sports topics on CNN, but this is the first time we've grabbed a clip.

And you know what? We think that, without question, Stephen A. comes across as the only sane person in this clip. It might be because the topic of the show is the oncoming propaganda onslaught of atheists β€” they're coming for you next! β€” and a topic like this is destined to bring out the crazies. (Seriously, do atheists really need a "better PR campaign" and "Hallmark cards?")

We guarantee that if Stephen A. keeps appearing on CNN as a commentator opposite people like these two, he will have a long and fulfilling career in political punditry. Such opposition should not be difficult to find.


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