Davidson fans are overjoyed that guard Stephen Curry will not parlay his NCAA tournament popularity into a lucrative NBA contract. One other perk for school will be that his mother, Sonya, will also be in attendance next year, doing wonders for their national television coverage and alumni association.

Sonya, of course, became the camera-friendly mom cheerleader of the tournament, leaving many media outlets scrambling for anything resembling a close-up shot that could adequately capture her beauty. (Chris Mottram's due diligence should be acknowledged.)

However, the above photo of the future mother-i'd-like-to-flambee comes from the 1999 Virginia Tech Hokies Volleyball media guide, which featured this photo of young Sonya Adams, the Hokies 1986 leader in aces, pre-MILF blossom.

This, if anything, shows that young Stephen's tremendous upside potential is completely legit.