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Stephen Strasburg Can't Even Save His College Team

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Stephen Strasburg, who almost every scouting executive in the world cites as the most can't-miss prospect ever, struck out 15 last night in the NCAA tournament, but took the loss by allowing two earned runs in a 5-1 loss. The defeat likely ended his college career. It was 3-years-old.

Virginia — which, for the record, was absolutely hosed by the selection committee — jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the first with a 400-foot homer and secured a second run in the second off Strasburg, who bore down in his final five innings to surrender just three more hits and walk none in the entire game.

So now Strasburg will be drafted by the Nationals, and he should probably get accustomed to losing. Here's one hint: Don't make silly excuses for giving up two runs in seven innings.

"Everybody had the jitters," Strasburg said. "It was tough playing a team we'd never heard of. There was no scouting report to rely on the first time through the batting order. We thought they were tipping our pitches when [catcher] Erik Castro set up so we changed it up a little after the first two innings. We went more to sinkers, sliders and the changeup earlier in the count."


San Diego State had never heard of Virginia? There was no scouting report for the Cavaliers? They were tipping Strasburg's pitches? Come on. Virginia just plain-old beat the best pitcher in the country by hitting a few bombs. Give the team some credit.

In other ping-related news, Southern Mississippi beat Elon 17-15, Gonzaga beat Georgia Southern 19-10 and Georgia beat Ohio-State 24-8, thanks in part to Knowshown Moreno's 210 yards and three touchdowns. But nope — metal bats are the way to go.

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