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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sterger On GMA: Never Met Brett Favre, Never Got Paid, Betrayed By Blogger

Your morning roundup for April 12, the day we remembered how Jeff Buckley's death was a more significant event than that guy from Nirvana's to some folks but this won't help that argument.

• Jenn Sterger, Part I: Never met Favre, not a gold-digger, doesn't want an apology, betrayed by blogger, didn't do anything wrong, wants her life back. Earlier: Brett Favre's Cellphone Seduction Of Jenn Sterger.


• For a short period of time ESPN had an NHL preview on its front page and dangled the question that is at the forefront of America''s hockey fan contingent which is "Will Steven Samkos regain his mojo?" to which America responded, "Who the fuck is Steven Samkos?" Hockey.

• Charlie Villanueva had enough of Ryan Hollins picking on him all game. Had the refs and assistant coaches and Rodney Stuckey not intervened, Villanueva would have bodyslammed Hollins on the hardwood.

• Randy Moss to the New York Jets? That's a hypothetical scenario everyone could potentially be on board with should an NFL season arise in 2011.

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