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Steroid Hearings: Look, They Invited The NHL!

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10:25: The four people backing up commissioner Bud Selig today are, to say the least, an improvement on the last bunch of jokers he brought with him. Hank Aaron leads it off: "I think that we need to be concerned about our young people because they re the future of this country, and if we don t protect them, we ll have no future." Which is totally true.


10:28: Lou Brock follows up. (Our mom played golf with him once, by the way.) He s wearing a very bright tie. Ernie Broglio must have not gotten his invite. Ryne Sandberg is here right now; the dude has no hair. You know he s just licking his chops to pour a little more poop onto the carcass of Rafael Palmeiro. Giving mustache rides to a guy s wife, it ll give one a grudge.

10:31: You know, Robin Roberts looks totally different than she does on "Good Morning America." What can t those makeup people do?

10:45: Hey, we never realized Don Fehr was an albino.

10:51: Paul Tagliabue just looks happy not to be talking about Janet Jackson, frankly. Does he kind of look like Deputy Dawg to anybody else? Just us?


11:07: In the middle of NHL commissioner Gary Bettman s opening remarks, ESPN News cuts back to the studio and then to a commercial break. This is what happens when the Outdoor Life Network isn t showing the hearings.

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