Steve Francis Is Being Sued For $9,000 In Missed Payments On A 1964 Ford Thunderbird

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We haven't heard from Steve Francis in a while. Last we checked in, he was being welcomed like a king in China—then left his team after playing less than 14 minutes. Seems he's living back in Houston (in a pretty nice house, so don't worry about Stevie), and buying classic cars, and, allegedly, not paying for them.

According to documents filed earlier this month in Harris County, Texas, Francis agreed to purchase Scott Wieber's 1964 Ford Thunderbird for $15,000. In January, Francis (who the suit helpfully identifies as "a/k/a 'Stevie Franchise'") paid $6,000 up front, and promised to make nine monthly payments of $1,000 each. Wieber claims he hasn't seen a dime of that. From the petition:

Francis immediately began to miss payments. Instead of making monthly payments, Francis began making spurious excuses as to why he was not obligated to honor his commitment. For example, Francis claimed that the day after Wieber delivered the Vehicle to Francis, the Vehicle "blew up" in his drive way. However, Wieber only learned of this alleged incident approximately one month after delivering the Vehicle to Francis when Francis's relative, Terrell a/k/a "Gator", informed Francis that the Vehicle was in a repair shop. When Wieber spoke to the shop owner, the owner told Wieber that everything he fixed was from regular maintenance.


Francis still has the car, and Wieber is seeking actual damages, punitive damages, and court costs. Francis, we're told, has gone to ground and has not yet been served with the summons. So if you see him, tell him some guys are looking for him.