Steve McNair Murder Scene An Ill-Advised Halloween Display

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Halloween! Time to scare the kiddies with graphic depictions of recently murdered NFL quarterbacks! That's what one amusement park figures, at least before the inevitable boycott. Let's work up our righteous indignation.

Kings Island in Ohio gave a local news station a sneak preview of their annual Halloween Haunt, and they brought back pictures of a haunted graveyard filled with "celebrity skeletons" like Michael Jackson and Ted Kennedy. And that display up there.

Yep, that's a skeleton holding a Titans helmet, with the top blown off. A gun rests at the foot of the couch. The two skeletons assume the positions that Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were found in after their murder-suicide.


The shitstorm formed early on this one, stoked by Cincinnati area talk radio. Kings Island might have thought they caught this before it went national, but they didn't count on Clay Travis:

When reached by FanHouse, a spokesperson for Kings Island, Don Helbig, said the following, "There will not be a scene at our Halloween event that features Steve McNair or anyone that resembles him."

With video and pictures of the skeletons circulating online, Helbig at first declined to acknowledge that they had ever existed. "There was no reference to Steve McNair at all. No jersey, nothing." Upon being informed that the pictures and video were already online, Helbig again insisted that the skeletons would not be featured on Friday when the event opens. Pressed as to when the skeletons were removed from the park, Helbig stuck to his talking points. "Our event does not open until Friday," he said, "We meant him no disrespect."


I'm not sure how this was supposed to entertain and/or scare children. On the other hand, it might be used to scare athletes straight, alongside a reenactment of Left Eye burning down Andre Rison's house and a loop of Barbara Hershey's scene in The Natural.

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