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Steve McNair, The Non-Driving Drunk Driver

So Ravens quarterback Steve McNair was arrested in Nashville this morning for a DUI, which is impressive considering he wasn't driving the car.

McNair was a passenger in own car, and his brother-in-law was driving. When the car was pulled over, the driver refused a breathalyzer, and, thanks to an odd (but perhaps justified) Tennessee law, McNair — because he owns the vehicle — was charged with a misdemeanor DUI himself. They did not test McNair's blood alcohol content.


Again, we understand the idea behind such a law — we tend to consider it a bad idea, in general, to let drunk people drive our car — but still aren't sure how to react to this. We just want to point out that it was not, in fact, Kyle Boller driving the car.

Ravens Quarterback Arrested For DUI [WBAL] (via Inside Charm City.)

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