Steve Phillips "Moves On" By Spilling His Guts To Matt Lauer

Steve Phillips made it out of sex rehab alive and has definitely seen the error of having sex with people who aren't your wife. So he went on "Today," because this is information that America needs to hear.

You see, sex addiction rehab is traditionally followed by "image rehabilitation" and that begins with a mealy-mouthed pseudo-apology on national TV. Sex addiction is not an excuse, except when you need to explain away a single extra-marital affair and maybe try to convince someone to give you a job. The worst part, however, is all the media attention that gets placed on your family three months after everyone stopped talking about you. Why won't these vultures stop conducting live one-on-one interviews with him?


"Baseball Tonight" probably isn't calling back, but maybe he and Eliot Spitzer can start a scouting service together.

[Thanks to and NBC for the clips]