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Steve Smith Will Beef With You Over Any Old Thing

Steve Smith had to leave last night’s game against the Steelers after taking a hit to the back from Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons. Smith was angry about getting hurt, but it wasn’t Timmons’s shot that had him riled up, it was an earlier tackle made by former teammate Mike Mitchell.

During his postgame interview, Smith promised to exact revenge against Mitchell, in his particular way:


The only time Mitchell tackled Smith was during the first quarter, and the hit (pictured above) sure didn’t seem that rough to the naked eye, although the two did a fair amount of jawing after the play.

It’s weird for Smith to be so bent out of shape about one tackle, but the fact that he and Mitchell used to be teammates suggests there might be some deeper animosity between them. All we can say for sure is that Steve Smith really, really loves beefing with people.

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