This one I call, Man Being Aggressively Clawed By Chicken. But it's not that at all. It is of course South Carolina coach and football god Steve Spurrier, who just happens to inspire the artist in all of us. In this portrait he is watched over by the SC Gamecock, just as St. Michael the archangel watched over baby Jesus, only without the visor. Uplifting, is it not? But there are many, many more artistic visions from South Carolina fans involving Spurrier and 'Cocks, and you can view some of them following the jump. Arkansas Sports 360 reports that you can own an autographed copy of the above print by going here. My Christmas shopping is hereby done. In our next portrait, Spurrier commands the fowl just as Aquaman commands the creatures of the sea. You haven't lived until you've seen Southeastern Conference coaches gather for the annual rooster hunt. Fly, my pretties!

And now we change gears a bit with a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi hologram thing going on, as Nick Saban channels the spirits of 'Bama coaches past. But where are the Ewoks?

The Fan Art Of South Carolina's Steve Spurrier []