Steven Adams Was Too Busy Watching Dope Anime To See The Warriors Get Crushed

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Given the ass-kicking that former Thunder star Kevin Durant suffered in his first game with the Warriors, it’s not unreasonable for reporters to be curious about what Durant’s former teammates thought of the game. Unfortunately for them, Steven Adams was too busy watching anime to cook up any juicy anti-Warriors quotes.

Okay, now for the important question. Is the anime Adams was watching, One Piece and One Punch Man, actually any good? Does Adams have good taste in Japanese cartoons? I turned to Gizmodo Media Group’s resident anime expert, Chris Person, for answers:

One Piece is acceptable, but very normal (kinda like Dragon Ball). One Punch Man is very good. One Piece is very serialized but well done, it’s a pirate anime. One Punch Man is like a deeply funny show about a guy that can kill anything with one punch. So, good taste.


Here is a GIF from One Punch Man:


Seems like a cool show.